Galleria Palatina:

The great dynastic seat of Florence

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When: from Tuesday to Sunday (reservation required)

Where:  the meeting point is in front of Palazzo Pitti (see the map below)


A journey of about an hour and a half that will fill your eyes with admiration for one of the most beautiful collections in Florence. The collection of the Medici and the Lorena who decided to arrange their most beautiful paintings side by side without leaving empty spaces on the walls. The beauty is multiplied without interruption to express the wealth and power of the ruling.

The masterpieces of Titian, Raphael, and Caravaggio tell the great story of Italian culture.

Duration:  About 1:30 h.


39€ (Adult)

20€ (18-25 years EU citizens)

8€ (under 18 years old)

*includes entrance ticket to the museum with reservation (skip the line)

* All our tours are guided by certified professionals