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When: From Tuesday to Sunday with previous booking (send us an email) 

Where:  The meeting point is at the entrance of the Academy Gallery (see map below)


Follow us on a tour of about 1 hour and a half long: we will tell you about Michelangelo's Life in front of the gigantic marble of David. We will discuss and reveal all his artistic aspects and details, talking about the historical and political context of the time when the masterpiece was made. More: we will stand in front of other works sculpted later in time by this italian universal genius, works that meant a revolution in the conception of art for the future years.

Duration:  About 1:30 h.


40€ (Adult)

30€ (18-25 years EU citizens)

10€ (under18 years old)

*includes museum entrance ticket with booking (skip the line)

* All our tours are guided by certified professionals